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What color are you wearing at this very moment and what does it say about you?

Personal Consultation

Discover who you are in the eyes of the beholder and begin to learn how to shape your appearance to help you best meet your personal or professional goals.  Consultation includes a Personal Color Analysis, Contrast & Clarity Study, Face Line & Space Analysis, Body Type Review as well as overview of Line & Proportion.  A Customized Summary is submitted to the client after the session. Session is held at client’s home and sets the tone for continued experiences.  

A 2 hour experience.

75. host / 90.  guest*

Appropriate for ladies and gents, host a Color Salon for you and your friends, get "draped," and discover which 'season' and colors flatter your unique skintone to help you to look your most radiant and powerful--effortlessly and always. 


Understand the symbolism of the colors you wear most, know the effects they have on your 'audience'  and learn how to quickly change your mood and audience's perception of you simply by choosing to wear your best color combinations.

At the session's end, receive a Color Strip with the colors of your season vividly marked. Don't forget to bring favorite make-up pieces and a few of your favorite garments for a more comprehensive consultation.


This salon is a fun way to kick off a Bachelorette Party, perk up a Bridal Shower or is simply the perfect way to celebrate a ladies' (or gentlemen's) night in.


Sweet treats and a pour of bubbly included with the fun.


*Final cost and duration of salon experience is determined by number of guests in attendance.

Color Salon

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