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Ready for this? ... You currently only wear 20 percent of your closet.  Yep, it's true.  


This seasonal wardrobe edit is designed to help you determine which garments in your closet honor your unique qualities, suit your lifestyle and express your goals. Through a mindful process of elimination, you will be free to coordinate and wear all of your closet with confidence. Finally! This exorcism of excess is truly a cathartic experience.  A 3 hour experience.

Shop Your Closet 

Rediscover your seasonal wardrobe through this fun and comprehesive style session. Learn how to coordinate and style garments and accessories you already own to create looks that leave an impact.  Recommended after The EDIT.  A 2 hour experience.

Wardrobe Organization

Simplify your routine and save time with a perfectly organized closet.  Learn how to manage space and store clothes and accessories so that you can quickly reach for what you need and dress in a jiffy.  Learn how to fold clothes Japanese-style for drawer space optimization.  Organizational tools will cost additional.   Recommended after The EDIT.   A 3 hour experience.


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